Friday, June 28, 2013

The hangover diaries + Live gig at the Tokyo dome city hall !

Sorry guys but today's post is going to be short  and so will also be the daily video (as if you watch them to the end right, hahaha).

So woke up a couple of times today in the morning and immediately hit on the snooze button. It wasn't because I was feeling sick or bad or anything but simply tired as hell. Yesterday had taken quite the toll on me and so I decided that since today I had only planned to go to a live gig, I'd just sleep longer.

After I had woke up for the final time I then went down to try and upload my video and to write my blog.
Well the internet was acting up so that's why the daily video was late today, sorry about that, though it is not my fault.

I then went and took a shower and went to the Paku Paku near our hostel. Paku Paku is a store that sells Bentos, packed lunches, and I bought one with a lot of rice, beef and pasta (for some reason there was also pasta, but hey what the hell). These places are really good when on a budget and the food is made daily so it is better, MUCH better than some crappy pre-made micro crap you usually get in Europa. Everything cost only 250 YEN !!!!! THAT IS 2 dollars 50 cents ! ! ! In euros it's around 2 euro ! My god it was cheap and good food.

I noticed that I started to have a little headache when I went to get the boxed lunch, so yup, hangover time baby! But it soon passed after I had eaten and drank a bit of water.

OK so the afternoon went pretty much past on the computer since I had no plans before the Asian Kung-Fu Generations gig in Tokyo Dome City Hall.

I took the metro there and had a bit trouble to find the correct building at first but I asked around and found it.
There was a lot of people! The bands who played before AKGF didn't really interest me so I pretty much sat outside in the corridor (with many others) after extending my courtesy by listening to the first band a bit.

When it was their time to play I rushed in and got a got spot and I really enjoyed the atmosphere there.  Everyone were super into it and though the stadium/live culture here in Japan is a bit different than in the rest of the world, I really enjoyed it from my part also.
The place was packed ! 

I then got myself safely back to my hostel to update some stuff.

Thanks for reading !