Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shinjiku and the rainy day blues

I woke today very early, as early as 7.30. This day passed so slow even though I had fun meeting my friend Kosuke after such a long time. 
Why you might wonder, it's simple, it was raining the whole day through and got only a little better by the evening.Yup it just confirms the fact that it's summer here in Japan.

After I had woke up and took a shower I went to meet my friend Kosuke at the metro station near the National Diet Building and the National Diet Library, he had some errands he had to run by there.
So we met there and went to the library to eat something but before I could enter I had to register myself there through a form and through passport identification since it is a very important library. 

We soon left the library after eating since there was nothing we wanted to see there. We had some thoughts of where to go on such a day and just ended up at Shinjuku to go to the observatory at a government building. There were a lot of tourists going there since it is free and there is usually a good view from there. 
But when we went it was a bit foggy outside so you could not see so far but it didn't matter since we could see the big buildings still. 
We then wandered around the station a bit and went to a Starbucks for a coffee. I had a vanilla latte to quench my caffeine needs for the day. 

We chatted a bit about this and that and about the live gig I am going to go and see on Friday, really looking forward to that. Kosuke had been so kind as to buy me the tickets in Japan and to give them to me when I saw him.
We will still meet and I'll even stay at his house this upcoming Saturday and Sunday.

We then both left for the JR Shinjuku station to both part our ways. He went home to meet up some other friends he had made plans with. He had come to give me the ticket all the way to Tokyo and even made some time to hang out with me even though he was busy. 
I went back to Asakusa and killed some time there by looking around some shopping malls and arcades.
I ate a delicious custard manju (bun) and bought a pair of shorts and a shirt that were on sale.

I then returned to Oobukuro and quickly popped by the super market to get me some instant noodles since I wasn't in the mood to go to a restaurant and eat. 

I then spent my evening playing guitar and browsing the internet. 

So to summarize, it was a bit boring today. Tomorrow I'll try to lively it up a bit !