Monday, June 24, 2013

From the footsteps of divinity to the one and only Electric hell!

The Asakusa kaminari mon
Today has been a long day, a really long day, but it's been filled with amazement and wonder.
I woke up and took a shower and started making my preparations to get out. Now that I am Couch surfing it is not always easy to just leave since I am currently a bit farther from the immediate center of Tokyo. As you know Tokyo is one of the worlds biggest capitals so you might have an idea of what I'm talking about.
Anyway I took a train from Oobukuro station towards Asakusa. I asked a kind old lady for the right train and she was very kind to give me detailed information.

Asakusa station is pretty small and very near the sightseeing spots so it was super easy to find there, plus i have been before so it goes without saying that it was easy.
The Kaminari-mon, what the first gate towards the asakusa shrine? is called, was surrounded by a lot of people since Asakusa is not only a popular tourist spot for tourists but also for Japanese people.
I strolled around the shopping arcade and bought some sweet bean paste filled pastries ( Manjuu). They were delicious !

The temple is very big and beautiful and has a lot of history built in it so if you ever come to Tokyo, this is a must see, among my top 10 sights in Tokyo !

The weather was pretty hot but it doesn't bother me anymore now that I have been already a week here but of course i have to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.
I ventured on through the vast grounds of Asakusa shrine and had to stop to eat in the middle.
I found a small ramen shop tucked between two bigger shops so that it was almost invisible to by passers, but I noticed it and they even appeared to have a English menu which helps a lot since the orders were made by machines and the ticket given to the shopkeeper.
I just had a regular soy based ramen soup and some roasted pork on top but man oh man was it good, I mean wow. Let's not forget that it was also cheap and filled me up so I was ecstatic. It costed only 500 yen.

After eating I finished my round of the Asakusa area and took the metro to Ueno to take the train towards Akihabara, the famous, ever so glorious, electric town as it's being called. Electric hell would fit it better, but in a good meaning since it is just so big and somehow is just so overshooting in a way that you just come back time after time again.

I filmed allot and went to different places, small alleys and big buildings etc. just to see the diversity of what we call Akihabara.
As of course expected there were the cute Maid cled girls beckoning bypassers to come to their Maid cafe to be pampered as "Masters".
Some goods you can find at Akihabara
Not kidding, that's actually what they call you when you get there, the Japanese word is "goshujiinsama" which means simply "master" as in "the master of the house" etc.
Well I didn't go since I have gone before and I got the Idea of what kind of a place the Maid cafes generally are. If you want to know more you can check out my previous blog posts from a year ago.

After doing some shopping in Akihabara I took the train towards Ueno station to go and scan those parts. They have a really beautiful park, zoo and  a lot of museums there . I only went to see some temples and shopping districts but not the zoo or the Tokyo metropolitan museum.
Still it was amazing so If you have a chance to go there, Go and take some food or snacks with you and have a little picnic. There are some convenience stores nearby so you could easily find those if you wanted.
Ueno park
Next I started to head back home to Ronri (my host) because today we are going to a Onsen, A hot spring bath and we will also eat there. So I jumped to the train and headed towards Asakusa at first and from there I had to ask which train goes to Oobukuro. But the attendant gave me the wrong information since the train was a express train that I took and it would jump over Oobukuro station . But I soon noticed it and changed trains at the next station.

We went to the onsen by train and bus but it's still inside Tokyo. The great thing is that it really is a Onsen, so the water is coming from under the ground from a hot spring.
The water is a bit cola colored but still the bath outside was great, and afterwards I went to a salt sauna and regular sauna, and of course I took many baths in the different "pools".

I had a strawberry milk after the bath
Afterwards we ate at the Onsen, I had a fried chicken set with rise and miso soup etc. It was great, so the evening was really enjoyable.
Tomorrow it's time for more sightseeing !

Thanks for reading!