Thursday, June 20, 2013

To oversleep and go to University, the everyday story.

So today I overslept by 3 hours!!!
I was to be up by 9 o'clock, but oh no I woke up at 11.58, so typically right?
So anyway I had to take the shower and get to Nagoya university by 13.00 which turned out to be an impossibility.
Not only did the train just pass me when I got to the Sanno station, and the local trains don't operate that frequently towards Nagoya stn., but it was raining again outside. Sigh*
Oh well when I got to the Nagoya station 30-35 latter than we had agreed with Kentaro but luckily he was not angry at all. Kentaro is a really chill and funny dude and really easy to hang out with.

Some professors must be earning well
So yeah, he showed me around Nagoya Daigaku (university), the whole campus grounds and some of the buildings. Nagoya University is one of Japans most biggest universities (in size that is).

We ate at the cafeteria there and I had some curry with a chicken cutlet, they just love their deep fried cutlets in Japan! It was pretty cheap, around 400 yen for the whole portion and let me tell you, it might not been the best curry I ever ate but it sure as hell won over the school food we have in Finland, though we get it free, but I'd gladly pay 3-4 euro for that meal any day.

We went to the campus Museum where they currently had an exhibition on Whales. They had even some whale bones you could touch freely.
It was really interesting since there where a lot of other stuff as well. It wasn't such a big museum though. And whats best, it was free and it is for anyone, so you don't have to be a student to enter the museum!

Then we went to Kentaros university branch facility. He studies technology, or well a branch of it anyway.
He introduced me to his friendly co-students who were really friendly, and one of them happened to like the Finnish metal band Children Of Bodom. So crazy !

They were making a racing car for a science competition held between universities and I got to see the amazing 3d models on their computers and also the unfinished real race car. It was so amazing to get this unique experience while in Nagoya.
You can check my YouTube account to see the unfinished race car.

We had a little brake in between visiting places and we ate some dango, or Japanese sweets made out of rice flour. We also had some Pocky sticks which are these delicious "bread" sticks with chocolate topping (usually). I found their newest product which was a "rare cheese cake" flavored Pocky.
It smelled a bit weird but it tasted really great ! so If you ever find them somewhere or if you come here to Japan and they still have them, TASTE THEM ! they were worth the buy.

We then went to the university library to check it out. After the library we headed towards Nagoya station because as it is my last night in Nagoya, I had made some arrangement to hang out with my host Rod.  So I went and quickly bought my bus tickets to Toyama, where I'll  be heading tomorrow and said my good-byes to Kentaro.

I got back to Rods apartment somewhere around 6-7 P.m.
I uploaded my videos and photos and then we had dinner, had a good chat, listened to some music and drank some beers !
All in all, today has been a really successful day in all ways.
Oh and by the way Rod made a really delicious meal of coconut curry !
It was great.