Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To gaze from heights on human ants

Tokyo Sky Tree, 634 m high
Today I overslept again as typical of me, but it didn't bother me. I calmly washed my face and got ready to get out.

I walked the same road to the station again and there boarded the train, this time I had to change it twice. I hate train changes since you have to stay scarp during the ride so that you don't miss your stop. Especially here since god knows where you might end up :)

After arriving to the Tokyo Sky Tree stop I got out.  The building is enormous, gigantic! I didn't go to the tower it self since it costs so much and I had already decided to go to Tokyo tower also.
So I ate at the McDonald's there since I was already so hungry. I had left at 12  o'clock from Oobukuro.

So I then walked a bit around the area to go to the Sumida park. It was raining a bit but nothing I couldn't handle even without a umbrella.

The scenery was very peaceful even though we are inside such a hectic town as Tokyo.
I walked all the way to Asakusa, which really isn't so far from the sky tree. I then took the subway towards Ueno to take the JR Yamanote Line towards Tokyo station so that I could go see the Imperial palace gardens and the surrounding buildings of Tokyo station

Tokyo Station
After arrived at Tokyo Station I went around the Marunoichi buildings and looked around for a while before turning back to the station to head towards the park.

As I walked towards the park I realized bit by bit how HUGE the damn place was. I mean the garden area just stretched on an on. It was very beautiful even though  it was pretty plain.
At the Imperial palace gardens

I strolled around and was noticed by some other foreigners, they waved at me from a far, I waived back just to be kind. They appeared to be from some other Asian country but it doesn't really mater. Later they came to just say hi to me. I believe that they might have mistaken me for some kind of celebrity :) hahah

I then left for the station after taking some pictures, it was a really good idea to go there. I was fully satisfied.

I took the train from Tokyo and changed to the metro to get to the Tokyo tower. There was a couple of changes also from one metro to the other.
View from Tokyo Tower
I had visited Tokyo towers one and a half year a go when I first came to Japan in December. It felt so nostalgic.
Tokyo Tower, 333 m high

I went to the observatory there which is a lot cheaper than the one in Tokyo Sky tree. So if you are on a budget and still want to see the view of Tokyo from a high place, this is one of many good cheaper spots to do so.

The sights were great, I could see so far! I just love that Tokyo has so many places to go to and so many things to do. The elevator was super fast, it took only 30 seconds or so to get to the observatory.
I had to depressurize my ears a couple of times during the short ride.
Chicken tikka 

When I finally agreed to leave I found a Indian curry house and ate there some chicken tikka with a garlic naan. It tasted so good, I just love ethnic foods so much.

I then took the metro back towards Asakusa to get back to Oobukuro.
A funny thing happened at the Asakusa station when I was buying the ticket, a Japanese older man came and ask me if I was lost or needed any help since I was trying to read the time table. After telling him that I was just wondering when and which train I should take he lit up with joy since I talked Japanese and was heading the same way as he, though his stop was before mine. We rode the same train together and had a pleasant chat about this and that. He had worked for a export company and had retired once but then returned there to be the guard there. He seemed really like a very nice and kind person, I was so glad that he had helped me.

When we got back Ronri (my host) was about to eat. Since I had already eaten he ate alone but we ate some Japanese sweets and drank some tea together.
I'll upload the daily video to YouTube before going to sleep.