Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bye Bye Toyama, Hello Tokyo !

So hi guys!
Today I woke a bit later than yesterday since I felt a bit tired. I woke around 10 or so and went downstairs to make everything in order since we had been drinking and so on.

After a while I made some food for my self and uploaded a couple of photos and wrote my backlog.
Yoshimi san came back home around 1 p.m. and I had to get ready to leave for Tokyo.
She was so kind to follow me to the tracks and see me of on my trip towards Tokyo, I'll miss her and her family and friends !
They were all so nice to me and were such a interesting bunch of people.

I had to change trains once and I was a bit nervous since I had only 5 minutes time to change trains and there was a lot of people who were getting of at that station.
But everything went fine and I was soon of towards Tokyo on the Shinkansen, bullet train.
It costed 12000 yen one way to Tokyo and took about 4 hours to get to Tokyo.  I will start using my JR pass when I go to Osaka on the 1st of July.

But basically after I arrived to Tokyo I went straight to Asakusa to meet my host. Here's the hook though, I had informed him at morning that I would be late for our meeting and I had not received any answer from him so I was nervous.
But there he was, he had sent me apparently E-mail and I had not noticed at all but there he was !
I felt so relieved!
From there we took the train to his the station near his house and I left my stuff there. We went shopping after a while since both of us hadn't eaten yet and it was already 9 p.m. so we bought some ingredients to make Curry.
It took quite long before we ate but it was worth the wait! Ronry is a really good cook.

Today was kind of a "boring day" and yet it wasn't but TOMORROW, oh just you wait !