Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Barbershops and tornadoes; The Nagoya tour pt.1

"Early wake up" today at 9 a.m. since I wanted to check if I had gotten a response from my couch surfing host in Nagoya as to where and when we should meet. I had, so I scribbled it down and went to make my check out. I ate my breakfast at the nearby Komedas Coffee and took the tube to Nagoya station.
I left my luggage in the very useful coin lockers at the station and went on a little city tour.
First I went to the Tokugawa gardens. I had hopped aboard the Me-Guru (meguru) city tour buss so it went quickly. 
The Nagoya city Science museum
The sun was trying hard to turn me in to a crisp as I walked through the beautiful garden area. There weren't any flowers blossoming but it was still breathtaking. The Japanese sure know how to make their gardens appealing! 

From there I hopped again to the tour buss and headed towards the Nagoya city science museum, but before that I had to go and eat. The place I decided on was at the basement level of an apartment store (as you'll find in many big stores, shopping malls and complexes. 
Indoor tornado 
I ate a pasta meal with deep fried chicken cutlet and it was ... ~OK I guess but it really shows that the Japanese are good at making food . . . Their own style ! :) No but seriously though almost everything I have eaten here throughout all of my times visiting, have been delicious. 

The museum was pretty full and had a lot of interesting exhibits going on so really recommend visiting if your ever in Nagoya. The building in its self is worth to see already!

Band playing on the street
I then continued by foot towards Nagoya station when I saw a barbershop pole (which I had been waiting to find since the morning). I went to the barber and got my hair cut, the were really nice people and complimented and thanked me for my Japanese since without it, the old employees would not have had a clue of what I wanted.  

I shortly arrived to Nagoya station and stayed outside for a while since there was a band playing in front of one of the apartment stores.
I then went inside and got my luggage, hopped on a train and went to Sanno sta. (one station from Nagoya station) to meet my host.
Some Carps for your viewing pleasure 
Rod is a really friendly host and I will surely enjoy my stay here thanks to him. 

As always thanks for reading!