Saturday, June 29, 2013

Live in Japan and the crazy shit I do!

Today was once again a day to be written down in history as I went to the Nagisa music festival in Tokyo. The music they play there is mainly techno, house and other club music.

I woke up at 9 and took a shower and went down to eat some breakfast and to book myself in for one more night at the hostel. Why one
more night? Since it is so conveniet!
So after 3 breads and 4 cups of coffee I left towards Nippori station to meet Ako [fellow couch surfer] and her sister there. We were all going to the music festival together.
We arrived there around 12.00 and there were allot of people around at that time, most of them drinking and wasted.
We then headed for the gates were we went through the security check up. It was super quick and we were all soon inside enjoying ourselves to the max.

There were a lot of stages there and we wondered around many of them and danced a LOT! It was so much fun and there was a lot of people.
It was in a way comic to me since there were a lot of hippie~ish people there, though there is nothing wrong with being one either, but it just struck me as funny.

The sun was burning bright and hot on the sky. The temperature was around 28 degrees Celsius according to the weather forecast.

So imagine if you can : A hot day, a festival that starts at 12 with everybody already drunk, a lot of dancing, techno and similar music playing here and there. What else can it be but awesome and weird!
Oh and there were a lot of parents whit their children there also. Yeah don't know how to feel about that since the security was really good and the people behaved so good even though drunk as anything.
Why stress? 

Oh, and a funny thing happened!
I had a encounter whith a YAKUZA member. For those who don't know what the Yakuza is I shall enlighten you a bit. IT'S THE FRICKING JAPANESE MAFIA. Hahahah
I took a picture whit him and chatted a bit whit him since he did not seem dangerous.
Yeah so that kind of thing happened.

I had really fun and handled myself pretty well and didn't drink too much. So in conclusion it was a fun day.

Ps. I was so hungry when the event ended that I just had to eat something. I had not eat anything else during that day but the 3 pieces of toast in the morning and 2 onigiri [rice balls].
So I went to the chain store that sold rice bowls etc. called Sukiya. I had the s.k. "mega" pork rice bowl. That really sank in fast and made me so satisfied ! hahaha. A perfect end for a perfect day.