Monday, June 17, 2013

From the land of a thousand lakes to the land of the rising sun

So I finally arrived in Japan today at 8.20 local time after a long yet pleasant flight by Finnair.
The flight went very smoothly so big props to Finnair for the excellent service and friendly crew, since it just made the 9+ hours long flight just that more tolerable.

The most coincidental thing happened though, I found to my happy surprise the Japanese band, Asian Kung-Fu Generations CD in the "on flight music" section!  This is the band to whom's gig I'll be going to in Tokyo on the 28th this month. Super pumped.
Needles to say I rocked that CD out!

Mountain view from the airplane 
Anyways, I went strait and ate breakfast when I have arrived at the airport, since my body was craving for caffeine like crazy. There I had the chance to collect my thoughts and after a short while I was off towards the "center" of Nagoya, the Nagoya Station".
Full of many fine shops and malls it certainly packs it all, from big,expensive brand names to the more mundane, the complex seems to have it all.

I started to take some video material as well since this day is going to be more like a test run for my little "project". So go check out and subscribe the one and only : TravelersPOV
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