Friday, August 9, 2013

Stuck in Hakodate

So today's blog is going to be a short one.
I woke up and had a great breakfast made to me by one of the owners of the place. It was truly delicious.
I thought that this must be a great start to a GOOD day.
I walked to the bank in the pouring rain to try to withdraw some money and after chatting with an employer there I understood that the banks can't help me if I have an foreign account and no card.
I was a bit discouraged by the news but decided to go and try one more time at the seven eleven.
It worked, I could lift the money I needed so I was getting more and more exited for today. Even the rain did not bring me down even though my shoes and socks got all drenched in the rain.

My good mood changed right at the moment I stepped to the station. The trains were late and the lines were incredible.
So as I asked around what had happened I found out that the wind and rain had blew some debris on to the rails and the trains were momentarily out of use.

I waited over 2 hours in the line and once I got to the ticket counter and showed my JR pass they said that I could ride the train leaving at 18.20 towards Sapporo.

I took their word and went to get something to eat inside the station. I was yet again struck with bad news, the trains were all CANCELLED!!!
So I did some thinking and decided that since I can not go to Sapporo I will take the train towards Takaoka tomorrow and stay for the night in Hakodate.

So I waited again the standard 1-2 hours in the new line to the ticket counter and got the tickets. Also I booked myself one more night to the B&B.

So I returned to the B&B and tought about going to the Jingiskan (mongolian BBQ) here in Hakodate but decided to just leave it be since I was not in the mood. So I got something else to eat and just stayed at my B&B and had a couple of beers.

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