Friday, August 2, 2013

Resting in Kagoshima

Pip pip cheerio my fine lads and lasses!

Today I left the hot spring town of Beppu towards one of the most southern towns in Ryushu. I had the traditional bento in the train again whilst on my way to Kagoshima.

Sakurajima volcano
A funny thing happened to me at Kagoshima Chuo station when I was changing my shinkansen to the local train. My host was taking the same train and she spotted me. She spoke excellent English which threw me of at first. She had been living in America for 17 years so that explains it.

On the way to her apartment I had to stop by a travel equipment store and buy myself a new suitcase since the one that I had had broke. It was an unexpected stab to my budget but I will try to recover! I will, I'm sure.

After arriving to her place I took and put my stuff to my new, bigger and better suitcase and we chatted for a while with my host.
Volcanic ash was everywhere on the island.  

She had work to do so I left at the same time out and went to by my tickets for tomorrows trip to Yakushima but with very poor result.
They don't sell tickets to that ferry in advance so I had to turn back.
My host had recommended me to visit sakurajima which was the "island" right outside of Kagoshima bay.
It has still an active volcano on it and it erupts everyday. As you can imagine the eruptions are not that dangerous since people still live there and around Kagoshima.

I got there quickly on the ferry from the port and was soon walking along the roads.
I ate a bento lunch that I had bought from the supermarket there and sat down in front of a breathtaking view of the mountain, ocean and the slowly setting sun.

I then walked to the free foot bath and sat there for a while as I enjoyed the warm water and the view.
There were a couple of stray cats meowing super loud in the distance.

I later walked on the little beach towards the boat terminal and took it back to the mainland.
I wanted this day only to restore my batteries for tomorrows trial. I know that it will surely be hot and humid and since it is a mountainous island full of trees, I know it will not be that easy. But hey at least I am going!