Friday, August 16, 2013

My day trip to lake Kawaguchiko (one of the fuji five lakes)

Mt. Fuji in the distance 
So today (15.8) I woke up and had a brunch at my hostel (I ate the breakfast at my hostel and a bento that I bought) and then left to go to Lake Kawaguchiko. I had originally wanted to climb Mt. Fuji but since I don't have the proper equipment needed (since it can get even below 0 at the top) I decided to just go see it from one of the many sightseeing spots near it.

 So it was 1 p.m. when I hopped on the train and I arrived around 3 p.m. at the Kawaguchiko station.
The weather was a bit cloudy and foggy so I could only observe Mt. Fuji from its silhouette. But man it was gorgeous and BIG! I will definitely come back to Japan and climb it !

I also wanted to go and visit the Aokigahara forest (known also as the suicide forest to foreigners thanks to VICE).
And once again I was disappointed to find out that there was one more bus going there but no more buses coming backwards from there so, typically, I could not go there either.
For Japanese people the Aokigahara forest is more known for the fact that it grows on top of lava rock and there are some lava rock caves there as well and hiking trails around certain places.

The suicides happen more deep in the woods in places where there is no trespassing allowed.
I'll put the link here for the Vice video:

So I just decided to take some photos and go to the lake and take a little round the lake with the boat that does regular turns around the lake.
View of Mt. Fuji from the lake
It was nice but I would have enjoyed it more if the weather would have been more clearer.

Well what can you do, so I tried  to enjoy myself the best that I could until I returned back to Tokyo.
This was my day today and tomorrow I'll be of to Nagoya but before that I'll be going to one record store in Tokyo's Ikebukuro.