Tuesday, August 6, 2013


My booth at the internet cafe
I had slept unbelievably comfortably in the internet cafe and I had put on the alarm to wake me up 30 minutes before my time was up so that I could grab a coffee since it was all included to the price.

I walked to the station and took the train to Sendain from there. I arrived at 12 a.m. so I went straight to eat something before walking to the hostel.

After leaving my stuff at the hostel I went back to the station to take the loop bus to go and see a bit of the town.

In Sendai they are holding their Tanabata festival or Star festival. You might remember that the "official" one already was in July but in Sendai they have their own during the 6-8 of august. There were a lot of decorations hanging everywhere as is the custom.

I took the loop bus to the Zuihoden mausoleum where one of the most powerful feudal lords, Date Masamune, is entombed. It was located on a steep hill and the main mausoleum was very picturesque and decorated. There are massive cedar trees surrounding the place and they look really majestic.
Zuihoden mausoleum

I then walked back and took the bus to go and see the decorated shopping arcades near the station.
The streets were bustling with people and vendors and stalls. The decorations are all hand made and hang on bamboo stalks.
The atmosphere was very comfortable and nice one despite it had started raining. People shopped happily in the stores and outside in the stalls. There were a lot of families and a lot of couples there dressed in the traditional Kimono.
I feel a bit sad that I had missed the fireworks that they had held the day before but since I got to see the Yamagata dance festival it does not really mater.

I spent a good couple of hours there before returning to my hostel to take a bath and to wash my clothes in the coin launderette near by.

I will be moving on to Aomori tomorrow to see the famous Nebuta lantern festival and the last day finale with fireworks.