Sunday, March 22, 2015

A journey man on the road again

Waking up to the surreal feeling that you are going to leave behind the dusts of your own country, and fly to the land of the rising sun. It is always as accelerating to make the first step out of bed, knowing that you will see it first after many weeks.
This time I'm not alone in my travels. I have my girlfriend, her sister and three other friends with me. Though it will be mainly me, my girlfriend and her sister that travel together.

Today we didn't have the best start on our travels since, as it well happens sometimes, the flight was over booked and we didn't exactly have seats reserved, just the flight.
Finnair tried to give us monetary compensation to get us to take a later flight if we could. But for us it was a definite no go on that option. Why? well Hilda, my girlfriends sister had booked her flights after me and Wilhelmiina, and for some weird reason they had booked a seat for her...
Oh well We got seats thanks to the effort of the attendants at the airport and Finnair and we are now glad to say we're here!!!
It is my first time here during the cherry blossom season and I have already seen some promising buds on the trees.

Today, since we are a bit Jet lagged, we have been touring around Asakusa where our hostel is. Asakusa (for those who didn't know) for its temples, Incl. : the sensoji temple. Also this is where you find the picturesque thunder gate, or more properly known as "KAMINARI MON".

We ate some bentos we got from the paku paku lunch box shop just near by our hostel. they sell good quality food for a low budget prize, every Obento is about 250 yen each. It's INSANE.

We will go drinking tonight at the beautiful Asakusa bar street!!

Many cheers!