Friday, March 27, 2015

The "wasted" day

So like I told you in the last post, we were out the night before so we slept until twelve today. We went straight to eat at a Sukiya chain restaurant. So donburi again :) hahaha It's just too good and simple to resist. Today we went to do some shopping in the nearby Askusa station shopping mall. We spent quite a lot of time there even though we were supposed to go straight to Akihabaras electric town. Well after we shopped, we went to drop of the items at our hostel and then we were finally on our way. We were supposed to meet few of our friends to go and sing karaoke with a bit later so we only had an hour to see around.
I had totally misunderstood where we would be going to for karaoke so they thought that we knew a place and vice versa. After stating that we couldn't find one there, we went to Shibuya. There we found a place and went there. The system was a bit complex since they had all these charges ,it wasn't so expensive though, but it was one of those moments I thank myself for studying Japanese.

After the Karaoke we ate sushi and went to a English pub. Just generally speaking a awesome night tho nothing in particular was done. Next up will be KYOTO! Can't wait.