Monday, March 23, 2015

Already alone !? My trip to Nikko

Today we woke up a bit drowsy from last nights drinking. We were out in Asakusa and went to a street bar where I struck up a conversation with a few Japanese people. we had fun and they even bought me a beer and complimented me on my Japanese which always makes the little egomaniac inside of me pleased.
But back to today! I decided early on that, since the girls wanted to go and shop together in Harajuku,  I would travel by myself. I thought about where to go for a while and decided that Nikko would be a good place to spend one day by myself.
Nikko of course is famous for its UNESCO world heritage temples and is the grave sight for the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate and Edo (what Tokyo was called back then), Tokugawa Ieyasu.

I must emphasize the fact that spring in Japan is so cool and beautiful. Coming from cold Finland it really feels nice to be walking around without a jacket.
The cherry trees are soon going to blossom so can't wait to see it!

In Nikko I took a stroll through the town towards the park where the temple complex lied. It was war, but quite windy outside. Thanks to the JRPass I could just simply walk and reserve the tickets and just go as I pleased.

I ate an Ekiben or a boxed lunch from the station on the train, it was delicious as always. After climbing stairs up to the temple and grave I took my time there and just absorbed all of the scenery in, bit by bit.

Finally as the clock was nearing half five I started to return to the station and took my trains back to Ueno. There I met up with my girlfriend and her sister to go and eat.
There is a quite good ramen shop at the station, so we went there.
After we had eaten we went by our hostel and rested a bit but then we wanted to still go out for a little walk, so I took them to see the nearby Tokyo Sky Tree.

Tomorrow we will probably do some intercity sightseeing.
'Till then!