Friday, March 27, 2015

Reaching Kyoto

So we finally left Tokyo today to go to fresher meadows. We woke up and packed and went to Ueno station to buy our ticket since it's less crowded than the Tokyo station. The shinkansen train left from the Tokyo station tho but the lines were ridiculous. We had good time to buy our bento and walk to the platform.
We were soon there since it takes a bit under 3 hours from Tokyo to Kyoto with the bullet train.
After we got to Kyoto we went straight to do our check in at the J hoppers Kyoto.
Today was the day I was organizing an event via Couchsurfing in Kyoto. We went to a Korean BBQ restaurant called Chifaja. Oh it was so delicious, you could eat as much as you wanted for a fixed sum and time. We had the 1h 30min option and as always it was totally worth every penny :)

After eating we said our goodbyes and we went with Wilhelmiina and Hilda to a bar for a drink and then headed back to the hostel. Tomorrow the real sightseeing begins!