Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Arashiyama and Fushimi

Today we took our sweet time to leave since we had a lot of laundry to wash. We used the coin operated washing machine here at our hostel. It's so nice that you can wash your clothes here so you don't have to bring a ton of clothes with you or optionally buy them here. After washing we went and ate before taking the next train towards the Saga-Arashiyama station and from there we walked to the Tenryu-ji temple to see the temple buildings and gardens.
   I've always loved that place because of it garden and surrounding mountain.
The Cherry trees were amazing and I was so sad that my battery died, AGAIN, before I had time to take any good pictures. Luckily my girlfriend has her camera!
We walked around and moved next to the entrance to the Bamboo groove just near by the temple.  It was a long path with tall bamboo trees on each side. It was really pleasant to walk along it even tough there were quite a lot of people there.
   As we were ready with our pleasant stroll, we returned to the train station and went back to the central railway station and ate some curry udon that, unnecessary to say, was delicious.

We continued by train from there to Fushimi and from there on we walked to the Fushimi Inari Taisha. It is famous for its many Torii gates lining up to the mountain and around it.
We got to enjoy it during the evening. It was so mystical and beautiful when it was lit up!
We walked up, around and down the mountain and we were beat when we returned back to the hostel. *phew it was a fun climb but the only sad part was that my girlfriend tripped and broke a lens on her camera. But we got many good photos!
If you ever have the chance, do visit it during the dark hours as well, since it's open 24h this is possible. I highly recommend!