Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Taking in the urban scenery of Tokyo

Today we didn't do anything extraordinary, not even anything particularly exciting.
After we woke up we just went to the Tokyo station and from there to the Imperial palace grounds. It was very sunny and windy out side, yet it was a bit cold.
After that we went to Hamatsucho station to meet my friend  and to have lunch with him.
We went to my favorite curry chain restaurant: CoCoIchibaya!!! I took my usual Chicken katsu curry, and as always, it was SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!
After a filling meal we walked to a Park nearby and strolled around talking. Later we walked to the Tokyo Tower.It's an old broadcasting tower that reminds you of the Eiffel tower in France, though this was only 333 meters tall.
We walked from there to the metro station and took our subway train with one change to Asakusa.
There we went to the super and by the PAKU PAKU bento shop and bought ourselves some dinner.
This was our pretty regular day today but tomorrow we will have more excitement!