Monday, March 30, 2015

Biking in Kyoto

Today we went Biking in Kyoto. We rented bikes from our hostel and made our way towards Nijo castle. It was really nice now during the cherry blossom season. The gardens were very nice and the girls also liked them.
We walked around the main building and then the garden. I liked that they had some stalls, selling various thing, at the temple grounds. I especially liked that I got to have some sake and plumb wine tastings at one of the stalls. It was good and I ended up buying one bottle of Umeshu or plumb wine.

From there we biked to Kinkakuji to see the famous golden pavilion. It just is always a pleasure to see. I really liked the scenery now during the sakura season. I am so glad we came during this season.
We walked around and enjoyed fully the scenery. 

After that we made our way towards the Silver pavilion or Ginkakuji, The temple had already closed so we just walked down the philosophers path with our bikes, towards the Nanzen-ji temple. 
The cherry trees were blooming and everything was a wonderful green color around us, just to serene and peaceful, even though there were a lot of people. 

At Nanzenji we just took some pictures and walked around before returning back to our hostel.
Tonight we were a bit tired so that's why my post is so short as well., 
So until next time!