Thursday, March 26, 2015

Walking from Harajuku to Shibuya

So today went to Harajukus Meiji shrine. During breakfast I had struck up a conversation with a couple of Americans and they wanted to tag along until they would do their check in. So we all went all the way to JR Harajuku station and from there it is just a short walk to the Meiji shrine.
The roads were humongous and there were a few big Torii gates. Todays weather started out chilly but it soon became very warm because of the sun, so it was perfect for my intentions of the day.
After leaving the Meji shrine we went looking around the shopping areas and stores.
The Americans had to leave after we had eaten since they hadn't yet made their check in to the hostel.
We went to the Kiddy-land store there because I knew that A: They would love it, B: I knew I liked it. ;)

Well we found a new funny mascot that they had come up with. A egg that was lazy and a bit disgruntled. It is so funny!

From there we started to walk to Shibuya which is known for it's Shibuya 109 building and for it's crossing where just everyone goes mad ones it becomes green. There are a lot of amusement type of shops and restaurants and vendors etc. It is just the best place to go and have a good time and to eat and drink. And it's hella crowded! :) hhahah but hey that's Japan.

So when we had seen enough we returned back to Asakusa and ate at a Donburi restaurant. I just LOVE donburi, it's all you need in life. It's quick, it's warm, it's plentiful and above all it is DELICIOUS. I had the rice with beef! So good!

There after we went to our hostel. we wanted to drink with our friends but since it was so late, we decided that we would drink by ourselves, but luckily we made new acquaintances at the hostel. A German girl joined us in our drinking :)
We had a blast and that's also part of the reason why I am writing all of this after hand