Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gion and Kyomizudera

Today we had a good start in our morning when we woke up and made ourselves ready. We went to the Delifrance bakery near the Kyoto station to eat their breakfast set, which included Coffee ,a croissant, bacon, salad and a yogurt. I still remember my first time in Kyoto and this was the place where I ate back then every morning the same thing. I really liked it back then and have fond memories of the service so it has been a morning ritual here in Kyoto for me to go there and eat the breakfast. It's pretty cheap even, considering what is included.
   From there we walked to the Gion area to see the older part of town and some temples and or shrines. We walked all the way from the station so it took us a while to get there but the scenery was super nice.
  In Gion we looked around some shops and ate some ramen and then we walked to Kyomizudera temple to take some photos and to look around in various street shops on the nearby streets.

From there we made our way to a little traditional shop that sold hand made and painted ceramics like cups and bowls etc.
   We all bought something from there since it was quite cheap.
From there we walked closer to our hostel to go to the CoCoIchibaya curry restaurant which we love so much :) Needles to say it was delicious.

From there we still had a bit time to kill, so we went for a half hour to the near by Avanti shopping mall and there I made a HUGE find at the ABC shoe store. I bought two pair of shoes, one Adidas and the other Vans, for just around 6000 yens which is about 55€ or less!!!!
Anyhow, then we went to the Starbucks before coming back to our hostel.
Tomorrow we will meat my friend and go together around the city!