Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 Day in Tokyo

So today we woke up really late since we had no time set for our wake up. I believe it was something like 11a.m. when I took my shower after waking up. I then went to eat breakfast to the comonroom and let Kimi sleep. I went to tell him the time at some point and he said he would still sleep a bit so I decided to go to the Supermarket to buy some groceries. I allso bought some boxed lunches.
Kim had woke up and come up and was just about to go to the nearby convenience store when I arived.
We hade decided to explore the nearby areas of Asakusa more in depth so on we went.
We walked through a shopping street and saw the asahi beer building allso. We went to a small mall and then to a starbucks. There we decided that we really didnt want to do anything today actually so we went back to our hostel at 6p.m. already. There I made food and we stayed there watching movies and stuff. Pretty booring I know but we wanted to have a lazy day. -