Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today we woke up ready to leave for Hiroshima!! We had washed our clothes yesterday so we had to pack them before we could leave the YH. The YH had been an awesome place to stay in and the beds were comfy. We left our key back at the entrance and said our thanks and left. We took the train to Osaka station and bought our tickets but before leaving Kim wanted to see the Pokemon center, of course.
- What have you done today?
- Oh nothing. Just visited the POKEMON CENTER !
or that's what I at least think was going through his head.
No but in all seriousness it was awesome to re-live my childhood by walking through the poke-center.
We then went back to the station to take a train towards Shin-Osaka where we would change to the Shinkansen Sakura. We were in good time at Shin-Osaka so we ate at the Lotteria and I went to Starbucks to take a coffee, Yummy!
It took only ~1,5h to get to Hiroshima with the express train. We arrived at 3 o'clock at the station and took the streetcar from there to Konami-cho where our ryokan was. The owner, an old woman, was SUPER sweet and kind. She made us feel really at home and at ease here in Ryokan Sansui. I put up the name since I really, REALLY !!! Like it here. The place might not look much from the outside but from the inside it's a normal ryokan. But what makes it really special is the owners ;) It is also easy to find and to get to from allover town.
When we had done our settling in, we left to see the A-Bomb dome and Peace memorial Museum and Peace memorial park. The dome is really a good reminder for what happened and the museum also makes a valid point. And the city of Hiroshima wrights every year a plead to U.S.A. to decrease and finally abolish their nuclear weapons.
I 'aint no hippie but I really think that the world could be a better place without the constant threat of a nuclear war. 1100 nuclear warheads are located in Russia alone, and it's currently (officially at least) the biggest amount in the world. This was a good visit indeed. And the personal stories and photos of the destruction really gave me something new also.
After the visit we went to the inner parts of the city to find the famous Okonomimura, a place with only Okonomiyaki stores, where we ate. [Okonomiyaki= a type of Japanese Pizza/pancake, containing cabbage, meat etc.] It was super delicious. Since we are in Hiroshima, they have their own style of making the Okonomiyaki, in Osaka they have also their own style which is also the most common since it's easy to make at home also. The Osaka or the "normal" Okonomiyaki is made essentially by simply mixing all the ingredients in to the batter. We then strolled down the big streets until we decided to take the streetcar back to our ryokan. Tomorrow I have planed for us to go to Miyajima. So for now good night.