Thursday, July 12, 2012

Miyajima island

We went today to the nearby island of Miyajima where we climbed on a mountain and other things.
We woke up and I immediately started to make my preparations as apparently Kimi decided to snooze for a bit longer. After finally waking him up we started to make our way to the nearby JR station to take a train to Miyajima-guchi. From there we had to take a ferry which also was operated by JR to the island. It was hot outside. The first thing that greeted us outside ferry terminal were dears, a bunch load of wild dears. They laid in the sun and walked around freely, unafraid of humans. I patted a few, they were so cute.
We walked towards the famous floating torii that was in front of the famous floating shrine of Miyajima. We had to go inside it, but because it's summer the water level is a bit lower so it didn't float, rather just stood on top of the strand. We continued to look through some of the other temples at the island, they were so beautiful and majestic.
I will not lie, we were sweating at this point pretty heavily because of the sun. We slowly made our way to the cable cars to take them to mt.Misen located on the island (highest peak at those regions). After taking the amazing rope way there we had to walk over 1 km to the peak in the blazing sun. We were seriously swimming in sweat. We passed through the temple of the eternal flame, the flame inside has burned for over 1200 already. It's said to have been lit by a famous Buddhist priest. It's kept alive by adding some lumber to the fire. We then continued past some magnificent rock formations made by nature. After the long and sweaty walk we reached the peak and the observatory from where you had a 360 degree view of the surroundings. I ate an ice cream at the observatory and let me tell you, ice cream has never, EVER tasted so good!! We stayed there for a long while because it was so windy. The wind felt so good.
After that we walked down to the cable car terminal and took it down from where we started to make our way back to Hiroshima's center. We took the streetcar and just went strait to our ryokan to take a fricking shower and a bath. I was so relieved afterward since I had had felt so awful in the sweaty clothes. We then went walking from our ryokan to the city center where we ate and then came back to our ryokan. It was so late already that we didn't want to stay long.
So now were back at our ryokan, Tomorrow we are going to see the Hiroshima castle before heading to Tokyo where we will spend our remaining five days.