Sunday, July 15, 2012

Backlogg from the past few days here in Tokyo (1st day in tokyo-3rd day)

So when we woke up on the 13th we had in plans to go and see the Hiroshima castle. We went as planed to the JR Hiroshima station to put our stuff in coin lockers and as we were making our way to them we had a quick bite at Mc D's, or more commonly known as McDonald's. Well after eating we noticed that it was pouring bucketful's from the sky and we of course were like "Hell no, we ain't gonna go out there". So we bought the tickets for the shinkansen to Tokyo and meanwhile, since we had time, looked around the station building shopping mall and I popped into Starbucks before boarding the train. The train ride took a long time and we had to change trains at Shin-Osaka. Since it was so early in Tokyo we decided to find our hostel (sakura hostel, not an official YH). We then took and left our stuff in our room, took a shower and then we went to explore the nearby areas in Asakusa. We went by the supermarket to by some groceries since I had dictated that I would make tonight's food. I made the easiest thing I could think of so... Spaghetti with meat sauce it was :)
The day was not specially long this time but we decided that it would be ok since we are this time not on a schedule so no waking up times and such.
The next morning we woke around about 10 a.m. and ate some breakfast that we had bought from the store. From there on we ventured to Harajuku and from there to Akihabara.
In Harajuku we wanted to go and see the COSPLAYers that usually hang around this area. On our last trip we didn't see any since it was raining. (COSPLAYer = Costume players, people who dress up as characters from different mangas and such).
After seeing some and after walking around in the blazing hot sun, we took the train to Akihabara station. Akihabara is known as the electric town in Tokyo since it's a whole area focused only on electronics and electronic appliances. They even sell international models from Europe and USA in here.
It's also known for the maid cafes, to which we actually went to. It was called maidreaming and the theme was pretty standard, you were the master and they were maids who had to talk "like" cats. The experience was hilarious even though for me it was the second time, but still. Kimi was about to die of embarrassment of being there but he had himself wanted to see it and so I was only going along with his wishes.
My friend Kosuke and I had made some arrangements for this particular evening, we had planed to go to an izakaya. (Izakaya = japanese bar). We came back to our hostel and took a shower before meeting him at the kaminarimon in asakunsa. We then walked there and had a blast, we were also entertained by a drunk Japanese man in the next room who was yelling loudly.
We drank until pretty late and then walked Kosuke to his station. We decided that we would do it again the next day. We came back to our hostel and continued to drink with some Americans.
The next day I was surprisingly waken by Kimi who had woke up early to take a shower. We decided to stay up and go get some breakfast. Kimi had a bad hungover and he didn't feel so good at first. After eating I went to the supermarket to buy the next days breakfast since we were out of food. After coming back we headed for the Ueno park regions to go and see some temples and the national museum and to go to the zoo. I really liked the national museum but the thing I loved the most was the zoo, since I of course am mentally 7 from inside :) We saw pandas, alligators, elephants, giraffes etc. My favorite were the penguins. We spent a really long time around ueno so when we came back we had barely time to take a shower before we had to go, and we came late of course. But we went to Shibuya, a huge ass district in japan full of stores and malls etc. We met Kosuke at the hachiko statue (a statue of a dog) and he showed us the way to the place where we were going. Today we were joined by some of his friends.
So we ate and drank and had a fun time. We came back to the hostel later and then I had to come to the computer to update this blog. Sorry about the delay.

good night!