Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Osaka sightseeing

So, finally our real day in Osaka begins. We woke up and went to the 7/11 to buy some sandwiches and beverages for our breakfast. We ate them near the stadium where our hostel was located. From there we then continued to walk to the Osaka botanical garden and museum of natural history. The garden was big and beautiful, I mean really big! The sun was blazing on the sky and Kimi decided to take his shirt off. We then wandered around for a while and rested at a rest stop and then continued via the rose garden to the museum. The museum was not so big but it was interesting and since the entrance fee was only 300 yen to get inside the botanical garden and the museum, we found this even more comforting. But as I said it was a good museum. Then we made our painful way to the station in the sun. We then took the Osaka loop line to go and see Osaka Castle. It was hot and the sun was blazing. We were so glad when we noticed that inside they had air conditioning. We looked around for a while and then we went back to the station and took the train to Namba station where we then ate at an Italian restaurant and after that we walked around the big shopping streets around the station like Dotonbori and Den-Den Town :) It was fun and we even saw some people from the local maid cafes trying to get some customers to come to their cafe. It was funny since they were in their whole get up. We walked around these streets for about 4-5 hours looking at stuff and browsing. It was fun.
We then taught about going to the Asian Pasific Tradecenter in Osaka harbor but on our way we decided not to go since we were afraid that we didn't have enough time to go there and then come back to our hostel, since it closes at 11 p.m.  So back towards our hostel we came. We arrived at the nearby station at somewhere around 8 p.m. and we then started our quest to find a place to eat. After a short while we decided on a ramen shop and went there to eat some ramen. [Ramen= Chinese noodles served in a soup with "add on"s] .

The staff were really friendly and very humble and it gave the perfect ending to this day. 
We then walked to our hostel to wash our clothes and to take a shower.  Now since I have written this I'll go get some sleep. Bye