Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nagoya (third day)

After leaving the last nights far behind we woke up gladly, but tiredly, at 9 a.m. to start another glorious day of exploring and adventure. We had a few ideas as to where we were going to go, for example: The Toyota car and manufacturing museum, Nagoya castle etc. So we left towards the subway station at kamimaezu to take the subway towards Nagoya sta. we then proceeded to go to the info to inquire about the tour bus that I had read about in the travel pamphlet that I had. We were soon pointed to the right direction and bought the whole day pass, for just 500 yens, for the tour buss from the driver. First stop was the Toyota museum, and boy you bet that it was amazing. I had no Idea that they started off by making machines at first. They first made prototypes for industrial use looms to make fabrics and then they started producing them. Then later on they switched to making other cool things like prototypes for microscopes etc. and then of course came the probably best part of the whole museum, The car museum room. And let me tell you something, this is absolutely something you should see if in Japan and in Nagoya. There were the process of building the car laid out on display from start to finish and there were the most cool old, retro, modern and even futuristic models on display at the room. This was well worth visiting I can tell you with certainty. And as we still are young and dumb, me and Kimi went to the children's area to play and drive with "race cars". :) We had fun.

The weather outside was scorching hot and as we sat outside under the roof waiting for the tour buss we dreamed of drinking something cold. We hopped on the buss and went to the Nagoya Castle. It is one of the   famous castles of Japan even tough it is a reconstruction, the original was burnt during the second world war. Nevertheless the reconstruction is made by utilizing old techniques and similar materials and even some originals and it was made in the same style. The new castle is very beautiful and the surrounding gardens and structures make this one of the "Must visit" places in Nagoya. Before we entered there to the castle grounds we took of and went to one of my favorite Curry chain restaurants in Japan, CoCoIch. After packing our guts full of curry-licious goodness we went inside. It was beautiful indeed. After spending a good while there we left. We then headed for a famous shopping street. While walking towards the Nagoya station we found a 100yen shop and went inside. Surprised that not everything was a 100 yen we browsed for the cheap stuff.    I bought four different types of Pocky sticks (chocolate covered sticks) and also other sweets for home, then we decided that it would be cool to eat some cup noodles tonight so we bought some meat cup noodles to take with us to the ryokan. From there we headed straight to the Ryokan, put our clothes in the washer, ate our cup noodles, took a bath/sauna+beer/shower combination and took our clothes out of the dryer (to which they had magically been put into by, surprise, surprise, ME) and then went to our room to drink some beers. Sleep came easy that night allso.