Thursday, July 5, 2012

First day in japan (2.7)

So we had survived the long 9 hour flght from Helsinki to Narita airport with Kimi and were a bit exhausted. We tought that since the breakfeast that the plane served was a bit unsatisfactionary that we would go and eat breakfeast at the airport.
I found us some place that was not so expencive and we went there with Kimi. I decided that I wanted to try immediately something typically Japanese so I took the Tororo soba (buckwheat noodles served cold with condiments), Kimi on the other hand took the pancake set. After eating we went back to the east terminal wing to find the JR-group stand so that we could get our JR-Passes. After the exchange of tickets against vouchers we were of to Tokyo station with the amazing N`ex train. We arived there and i called my frien Kosuke so that we could meet him. He told us the way to his house by train (he lives in Chiba) so we went to take it when something unexpected happened. While on our way to the platform I heard someone calling out to me! It was Robert, a friend from Finland who had arived to Japan 1 month prior to me and what a coincidence it was! We had made no arangements to meet eachothers and heck, I did`nt even know he still was here in Japan. We took the same train and talked a bit. They were on their way to the Tokyo Disney land so they hopped of the train a bit earlier.
Extra cat picture for your reading delight
After that we soon arived (tired) to kosukes station where he came to get us.
We walked to his house to take a shower and to leave our stuff there. After all that we went for a walk around town and to eat. We went to a high tower to look at the view of the city.
After that we started to get a bit hungry so we desperately searched for a place untill we found one near the station area. We ate Curry,Yumy!
Well after a bit further strolling we went back to the house. We were super tired, seriously never ever been this tired in my life so we decided to go to sleap at 6p.m. allready !!!! We slept a good 12 hours that night.