Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today's play date ! :)

We woke up at the normal 9. a.m. to take a shower and to get some breakfast. Today is another special day for us since today we were meeting my friends at minami kusatsu station. We are were going to a special place called BB's, it's a sort of amusement place for young people. There we play'd air hockey, arcade games, ate ice cream and played AIR SOFT!!!! We spent over 4 hours here or more (more i presume). Then we said our goodbyes and walked to the station and took the next train to Kyoto. I had made reservations to an all you can eat Japanese BBQ joint for 21 o'clock so we had just barely time to walk back to our ryokan to freshen up and then we already had to leave so that we could make it for our reservation. The food, I mean, OH MY GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! IT was AMAZING! we had 90 minutes to order stuff and oh did we. We ordered meat, rice, more meat, beer, more meat and oh some more meat, and finally when our time was about to end and we had to make our final order, we took some beer's and I took a chocolate cupcake for desert. It was mouth melting good. Later on we stumbled somehow standing back to our ryokan.


Good night.