Monday, July 9, 2012

Kyoto -> Osaka

Today we woke up a bit... tired ? After yesterdays BBQ and beer consuming we were not so eager to raise up early. I took a shower and then we were of. We had to take our luggage out and go find a coin locker since the room was to be overhanded back at 10.00 a.m. So off we went. We took a quick bite at the Delifrance cafe and then went walking towards the nearest subway station. We took the subway towards the Kinkaku ji but since it does not go all the way to kinkakuji michi we had to take a buss to get there. The weather was just perfect and the place was just beautiful beyond belief! It was a lot smaller than I had imagined but still it packed the aesthetic punch that is so much talked about. We were sweating in the scorning hot sun when we started to walk down the street towards the city center. We found a small game store selling used games from days of old and also new ones. My friend decided that he wanted to find a controller to Nintendo 64 and to our surprise when I asked the man (in japanese of course) THEY HAD IT!! Man what an amazing and magical store and guess what, it was only 1500 yens (15 euros) and it should cost, as it is not manufactured any more, a lot more. So... Only in Japan moment number #109.
Any how, we then walked passed a JR station and decided to be lazy and just take the train to Kyoto station. Two older school girls at the station found us interesting apparently since they giggled and took photos of us and man were they embaraced when I revealed that I spoke Japanese.  
From there we went to get our stuff from the coin lockers and took the train to Osaka. It was no trouble finding the directions to the next train as such, but we, or should we say I, managed to take the wrong type of train. Instead of taking the local train we took the rapid which skipped a lot of stops, including ours. Well we noticed only after a good while so we had to take the local train back. What an amateur mistake to do. But it brought me memories from my last visit since it was the exact same thing that I did when I was going to my friends, Mihos, house. Saved again by the JR pass. 
Then we arrived to the right station and found easily our Youth hostel. My god it's hard to miss, It's in the fricking stadium!!! And the room we have is a really nice one, Pretty, clean, own balcony, Tv. Nice. 
I ate my bento that I bought from the 7/11 near the station. [Bento= boxed lunch]. 
Then we went for a walk around the nearby area and found a supermarket, hundred yen shop and other stuff. We came back only to find this place packed full of French people, apparently on some kind of training  camp.

Well we are going to take a bath at the public bath here. Nighty night.