Thursday, July 5, 2012

second day madness

After a very long and good nights sleep we finally woke up at 6.30 a.m., we had slept for 12 consecutive hours and felt great. we got up and packed our bags since Kosuke had to go to work that day and we were leaving for Nagoya in the evening so we found it best to take our stuff now and put them in a coin locker at the station. So after Kosuke had prepared us a breakfast and we had ate it , we left for the train station. Kosuke took the same train that we, towards Tokyo station, and hopped off after a couple of stops. We said our goodbyes and planed to meet again when we come back to Tokyo on the 13.7. We then got of at Tokyo station and went to the coin lockers to put our stuff away. It was around 10 o´clock when we had finished closing the locker door. I suggested that we go to the Tsukiji fish market since it was still so early. We had missed of course the famous auctioning of tuna fish but it was still open for regular shopping and general browsing.
It was amazing! Stinky but amazing. We went around the lot and through the selling areas and even visited the local shrine inside this place. It was a little shrine inside of the huge selling area.
We went to a small selling district that was right next to the fish market to browse around. I spotted a tamagoyaki vendor and vent to by myself one. Kimi tasted a bit from me and bought one too (only 100Yen). [TAMAGOYAKI=fried beaten eggs, these are usually available in different forms, for example: soy tamagoyaki, sweet tamagoyaki, dashi tamagoyaki etc.] We ate the sweet tamagoyaki, It was delicious but weird. :)
We walked around for a while and found ourselves soon in a yard with a big palace sort of building which turned out to be the Tsukiji shrine or something like that. It was a big western like building with large towers and two wings from the main building.
We just looked around for a while and left for the train station again. We took the train and went to Harajuku hoping to find some cosplaying people who usually hang around  Harajuku. Well we did´t stay for so long so we didn´t see any but we decided that we will come back next time since this time we only went to mcdonalds to have a chicken burger to Kiddy land just for laughs and to a mall. Kiddy land is a children´s store full of toys and other fun stuff. We then went to a big mall and ended our stay with some starbucks coffee. We took the train to Tokyo station and started to make our way to Nagoya.
Well everything seemed to go well at first, we got seats at the non-reserved car of the Kodama rapid train for Nagoya and sat down and relaxed. Time went by and it was already 7P.M. when we arrived and it was then when reality hit us bad. We didn´t know the way there since we dind´t have the address or telephone number written down so we had to find a place with W-LAN. Of course no such place was found after painstaking 1 hours and we ate in between. So I decided that I had to call to a friend to ask if they could do it for us. So first I tried Kosuke, but he did not answer, so I then finally tried Miho and thank god she and her boyfriend answered and got us the number and address. We then called the Ryokan and asked for directions.[Ryokan=Japanese style inn] We got our directions and headed to the metro station and finally after few wrong turns arrived at the ryokan. The personal was very understanding and helpful. We decided to go take a bath and were delighted to find a SAUNA !!!!! In the public bathing area. Sadly it was already closed so we decided to go there tomorrow, but we still took a shower and bathed in the big warm water pool. Needles to say that after all that we went through and the relaxing bath, we fell asleep quickly.