Friday, July 6, 2012

Nagoya ->Kyoto

So again we woke up at 9 a.m. so that we could leave the room in time since you had to check out at 10 a.m. so that they could make the room for the next guests who were coming. So we took our stuff and thanked the kanrinin-san [Kanrinin-san = Landlord or, as in this case, owner]. We went to eat breakfast at the nearby Komeda's Café from where we then walked shortly to the metro station. We left our stuff in a coin locker at Nagoya station and went for a walk around the city center. These coin lockers are seriously handy when traveling here in Japan.
We found a buffĂ©* that we decided to visit after a short spin around the block. It was during this time that they had the lunch special so it only costed 750 yen and it was an all you can eat. [Side note* In japan the Buffes that are all you can eat style, are called VIKING's "baikingu"] There were different foods and drinks that we tried and had an all and all filling meal. We then shortly after finishing eating (there was a time limi, 45 min ) we went to get our stuff and took the Nozomi express train to Kyoto, it  only took 40 minutes to get to Kyoto so we were in good time there. Kyoto really is one of my favorite places in Japan since it's so quaint and friendly big "LITTLE" city. We then took of to find our Ryokan.

I tried and remember the routs there that I did pretty well until we had to find the right crossing to the part of town where I had'nt yet spent so much time in. Well after a couple of long walks and turnarounds we were given the right direction by a kind old man who noticed that we were lost. I love the friendliness that roams throughout whole Kyoto, everybody's so kind and helpful. We then found the right place went in for a little surprise. There was no answer at the door when we called in and rang the bell. We went inside and hollered and then an woman came to great us. Apparently she had been upstairs making the beds for another guest. We soon found out that there had been a mishap with our reservation. They didn't find it but were able to get us a room and gave us a generous discount on top of that. We only had to wait since she did not have the room ready so we left our stuff there and went out. I wanted to go to a Internet cafe to write on my blog and to check my mail and such so that's what we did. Kimi went to get a small bite while I was on the computer.
After finishing we went back towards our ryokan and settled in. We took a shower and after a while went out to a convenience store. We bought some bread, strawberry jam and coffee. We then proceeded back and went to sleep